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Best Soaps For Tattoos

Best Soaps For Tattoos in 2018

After reading through many pages on here, the best soaps for tattoos clearly make a difference in tattoo healing. In fact, I would say you absolutely need tattoo soap to keep your tattoo clean without damaging the ink or creating other adverse effects. Our ultimate tattoo care and aftercare guide goes over quite a few soaps, while our tattoo healing article also lists a few. However, for people who want to quickly grab soap for tattoos, I provide a list of my favorites here.

Before I begin, let’s go over the rules of antibacterial soap for tattoos. Most soaps labeled ‘antibacterial’ contain alcohol as its main ingredient. Alcohol both dries out the skin and damages the ink. Just like rubbing alcohol erases temporary tattoos, alcohol also breaks down the ink. This only applies during the tattoo healing stage, but you still need soap to keep an infection away! What antibacterial soap for tattoos even works without damaging the tattoo? Well, for starters, all the ones listed here! Find a more detailed explanation here. For specifics on just the healing process, look at this page instead.


Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap

Although not meant specifically for tattoos, this soap contains tattoo-safe antibacterial ingredients, so I recommend it for healing tattoos. It works well for gently cleansing your tattoo of any germs, plus it goes easy on your hands as you wash them! People with piercings use this all the time to clean in places they can’t reach. Since it contains no petroleum, it never hinders healing for deep wounds like piercings and tattoos.



Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos & Piercings

Like Provon, this soap uses PCMX (Chloroxylenol) as its main ingredient, although it uses a little less. Unlike Provon, it contains several other natural antibacterial ingredients as well as special compounds that help with tattoo healing specifically. All of its ingredients clean the tattoo in unison without penetrating deep into the skin and damaging your tattoo ink.

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap



H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

For people with little time to clean, or people who dislike liquid soaps, this foam soap evenly applies over the tattoo. You only need a small amount to finish cleaning the tattoo, so it limits your tattoo’s exposure to water. It lasts two whole weeks—more than enough time to keep your tattoo clean during its vulnerable period! We go over several other types of the best soaps for tattoos in our in-depth tattoo care article, including hypoallergenic and organic soaps.

H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap


What are the Best Soaps for Tattoos?

The best tattoo soap not only keeps your tattoo clean, but also helps speed up the healing process and provide nutrition for your ailing skin. All of these soaps help with that, so I recommend them all! As we all know, infections pose the risk of ruining your tattoo…and your life! When an infection spreads to your muscles, blood, or bones, your doctor may recommend outright amputation. With blood infections in particular, your diagnosis looks grim, and you need to seek medical attention immediately. For more information on infections and how to spot them, read our tattoo healing process page.

But don’t let this affect your opinion on tattoos! These beautiful pieces of art grow more and more accessible by the day. With state-of-the-art medical care, professional and hygienic tattoo artists, and methods to clean out your tattoo, side effects nearly disappear. Honestly, allergic reactions pose a greater risk, and most take just a little Benadryl to chase away. With any of these soaps, expect a smooth healing process where itching and pain take nothing away from your regular life. Take control of your own body, display wonderful art on it, and keep healthy all at the same time!

Want to become an expert on all things tattoo? Our ultimate tattoo care and tattoo aftercare guide keeps you in the know about everything tattoo healing. On top of that, the entire site contains high-quality content and provides the best knowledge database of any tattoo site on the net!

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