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The internet has a distinct lack of high-quality tattoo care articles. People need a site to rely on for all of their tattoo health needs—and the more detail, the better! With just one misstep, your tattoo’s color and quality could drop. We inform you with everything we know about tattoo pre-care, procedural care, and aftercare! This helps you wear your tattoo confidently and stay aware of any health concerns. On top of that, we provide directions for tattoo maintenance—and as long as you follow them, your tattoo will look dazzling for decades!

For any tattoo-related questions, just drop a comment here, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter. We reply to all questions, and in the rare event our site doesn’t cover them, then we will be glad to add that information for you! Of course, this site does not substitute for a medical doctor. For any pressing health concerns, contact your doctor immediately!


Alexandra’s Profile

With over 10 years of tattoo experience behind her, Alexandra knows all about the health products and procedures that go into making a great tattoo. Her clients always come back to show off their wonderful tattoos, even years down the line! She used to live in Manhattan, but now dwells in the peaceful city of Missoula, MT—when she’s not elsewhere! Every now and then, you can find her at a con, but she specializes in tattoo health education now.

Her years as a tattoo designer lend her a bit of leverage when it comes to tattoo designs. She knows the ins and outs of line work, shading, composition, coloring, inks, and pigments. Spotting good designs and recognizing amazing techniques are second nature. Catch all of her writing exclusively on 101-Tattoos!


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For all inquiries, please contact us directly using the email address below: