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101 Butterfly Tattoos

101 Butterfly Tattoos

101 Butterfly Tattoos

The first thing that might come to mind when we talk about butterflies is their beauty, and it is the first aspect that you may note, but butterflies have a deeper meaning

Butterflies mean something beyond the bright colors and their stunning appearance; they say metamorphosis, transformation; going from one stage to another, to ultimately the most beautiful one.

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Butterflies start out as an egg; then it turns into a Caterpillar: a clumsy (and disgusting for some people) worm, then the chrysalis and after the metamorphosis emerge a beautiful butterfly. Metamorphosis is within the human being; we constantly need to change, we constantly need to be better people. We live in constant strive to achieve the most beautiful character that we could be.

Butterflies represent change, and every single person in the world should be in constant change, and in change for a better being.

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Richard Bach once told: “The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.”

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Here in 101-tattoos.com, we have collected 101 (of course) pictures of the most awesome butterflies that you will find on the internet. Check it out:

1. Purple Butterfly


Sticking with the original look of a butterfly can’t be a bad call, look at this beautiful and colorful purple butterfly. Excellent work.

2. The flight of a butterfly


The flight of a butterfly might be enchanting, hypnotizing and unpredictable, and those are three things that you might want to be at least once, don’t you think? This is a beautiful tattoo.

3. Classic Butterfly, Classic Spot


This is the queen butterfly, no wonder why it’s called “The Monarch,” and it is located at a famous spot because a classic butterfly belongs to the perfect place.

4. Tiny Butterfly


Now we have this tiny one, which proves that a tattoo doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful, in this case, size doesn’t matter. Cute.

5. Shoulder Butterfly


This guy proves us that you don’t have to be a girl to get one of this. Beautiful work.


6. Flowers and butterfly


Flowers and butterflies are the perfect duette, two beautiful things needing each other is almost poetry, just as this tattoo.

7. Color + Power + Monarch


The first tattoos were on men’s arms, and they represented power and strength. Nowadays are colorful and beautiful in women’s arms, but they are still powerful.

8. A dagger and a Butterfly


Don’t let the beauty tricks you and don’t try to harm a butterfly because you might see how she fights back.

9. Nature beauty


It seems like a painting that captures the beautiful essence of nature interacting. Well, it seems like a painting because is art in the pure state.

10. Swirling butterfly


Even the unpredictable flight of a butterfly can have a predictable pattern once in a while. Don’t you think?

11. On your feets: Welcome the monarch


Ancient cultures use to kiss the feet of the monarchs, maybe now you should kiss the monarch on the feet.

 12. Mid Air Butterfly


The quality of this job is impressive, the talent that requires capturing this precise moment.

13. Twins Butterflies



This two seems inseparable. Dancing and fooling around each other, pure beauty.

14. Give me a butterfly hand


As we said, be gentle with this butterfly or be ready to face the true.

15. Bicolor rest


This resting bicolor butterfly teaches us that from time to time we need a break before we continue flying.

16. The Jewelry


This butterfly looks like an invaluable gemstone. Maybe it is

17. Fly with me


This awesome and realistic tattoo let us enjoy the companion of our inseparable friend. The Monarch Butterfly.

18. Butterfly in the tree

@ @poulpes.ombre

It might be its home and it’s beautiful. This black and gray tattoo is a masterpiece

19. Pink flower and the butterfly


We may get used to this scene, but its beauty must be exalted every time.

20. Monarch around the flower


21. Butterflies and Skeletons



21. Mid Air



22. Pink and Blu butterflies


23. Monarch Caught in mid-air


24. Butterflies got your back


25. Beauty colors


26. The monarch got your back


27. Magic Butterfly


28. A butterfly in the back of your hand


29. Commemorative butterfly tattoo


30. Golden and purple butterfly


31. Twin Butterfly



32. A purple emperor is looking out for you


33. Three musketeers


34. A monarch swarm caught in mid-air


35.  Not finished yet still beautiful


36. Strenght


37. Tiny gray


38. More tiny gray


39. Magical butterflies


40. Monarchs around flowers


41. Butterfly of time


42. Nature


43. Jinxed!


44. Beautiful and geometric Butterfly


45. Two faces


46. A butterfly or a moth?


47. Commemorative trio


48. Realistic butterfly


49. Sexy location for a beautiful work


50. Three friends swirling


51. Polen


52. Sometimes beauty doesn’t need colors


53. Eye of the tiger


54. Sometimes beauty can mean danger


55. Butterflies and Flowers, the perfect duette


56.  Three angels


57. Butterflies and moths in black and white


58. Commemorative and colorful


59. A reminder of your lover


60. Butterflies and roses


61. Gray royal Butterfly


62. Purple Butterfly and purple flower


63. Monarch butterfly


64. Blue Butterfly tangled


65. Monarch Butterfly on the shoulder


66. Dedicated Monarch Butterfly


67. Butterflies and religion


68. Desert Butterfly


69. Monarchs down the River


70. Two colors Butterfly


71. Two delicate Butterflies


72. Your feets are wings


73. Colorful Butterfly Tattoo


74. Three Butterflies in a row Tattoo


75. Butterflies and shapes tattoo


76. White and gray Butterfly over a rosa Tattoo


77. Butterfly and Music


78. A Royal Butterfly


79. Monarch over a flower. Hyper Realistic Tattoo


80. I got your back


81. Beauty in Progress


82. Modern Butterfly shape Tattoo


83. Monochromatic Butterfly Tattoo


84. Monarch over flower


85. Monarch on a sunny day


86. Monarch Butterfly tattoo


87. Dedicated and beautiful tattoo


88. Bunch of Butterflies over the leg


89. Stunning Monarch Tattoo


90. Sober Black Butterfly Tattoo


91. Feminine Butterfly Tattoo


92. More Feminine Butterfly Tattoo


93. Another Feminine Butterfly Tattoo


94. You Can’t Get Enough Feminine Butterfly Tattoos


95. Time Is Ticking


96. Sparkling One


97. Simplicity Is Perfection


98. Perfect Throat Butterfly 


99. Duality In Perfection


100. Watercolors And Geometry Go Hand in Hand


101. Freshly Inked And Our Last One





Image Source: Instagram – All Artists are quoted with their profiles

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